My Favorite Refillable E-Cigs Starter Kit

I’ve been using refillable e-cig starter kits for a few years now.  I always seem to be sucked into buying a kit of some kind whether it’s a refillable e-cig starter kit or a couch cleaning kit, it’s alwasy something along those lines.

Recently, I have been going through my refillable e-cig kits and giving away my old ecig kits to friends and family to try.  Need to make room for the new technology that is being introduced.  E-cigarettes have come a long way in the last few years.  Battery tech has improved, atomizers have been integrated, more flavor cartridges to choose from… the accessories category has been developed.  Overall, the electronic cigarette industry is growing.

So my favorite e cigs are still the refillable e-cigs because they allow you to save a lot of money and smoke in a healthier way compared to disposable e cigarettes.

Injuries To The Mouth From Ecigs

A small group of people are associating injuries to their mouth to smoking ecigs.  This is not correct.  Let me clear this misunderstanding today.

We you been smoking regular cigarettes and then stop, some people will develop canker sores as a result of stopping to smoke real cigarettes.

A small segment of the population will develop these side effects.  They will generally last for about a week to a month.  The sores will appear on the inside of your mouth or on your tongue.

It is the result of your month have too much acids in it due to smoking.  So when you stop smoking, your mouth needs to adjust.

If you switch to ecigs rather than stop smoking then these canker sores develop because the ecigs dehydrate your mouth even more thereby creting a environment that allows the sores to emerge.

So in reality, the ecigs aren’t the case of these injuries to your mouth.  It was going to happen anyways as a result of you stopping to smoke.

What are the benefits of quitting smoking and e-cigs?

The benefits of quitting smoking is enormous.  It is important to your health, your lungs, your body, and everyone around you when you no longer stop.  It goes without saying that smoking is bad for your body.

The toxic chemicals found in cigarettes are not good for you.  So if you can find a way to stop smoking, you will be better for it.

Now there are many different ways to stop smoking.  Each person will tell you a different story on what worked for them.  All of these methods will not work for you.  It will depend on many factors including your desire to stop smoking.

Do e-cig companies’ claim that e-cig will help you stop smoking?  NO.  They should not be making those claims because there is no scientific study to support those types of claims.  Can people stop smoking using e cigarettes?  Yes, it is possible.  Again it is a individual thing.

In theory, with the way e-cigs are set up, they can help to gradually get you off your nicotine addition.

Most e cigarette company’s sell their e-cig with three nicotine levels.  A high, medium, and a low.

If I were to try to stop smoking, I would gradually lower my nicotine dependency by working my way from medium nicotine cartridges to low nicotine cartridges.  This will allow my body to gradually get use to needing less nicotine as time goes by so that when I try to stop cold turkey it is not such a sock to my system.

With the availability of different nicotine levels which only exist with e-cigs is the best benefits of using e-cigs to try to stop smoking.